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Introducing the School For Mountain Leadership

Situated in Pretoria, Gauteng, the School For Mountain Leadership has two primary focus areas: mountaineering and rescue.

Our mountaineering products include:
  • Abseiling courses (recreational, leadership and professional)
  • Rock climbing courses (recreational, leadership and professional)
  • Hiking and mountain walking courses (recreational, leadership and professional)
  • Assessments in abseiling, rock climbing and mountain walking (MDT, SAQA and combined)
  • Workshops in river crossing skills, steep ground safety, navigation and emergency procedures
  • Tailor-made training packages to suit specific needs
  • Guided abseiling days - these work well as corporate adventure days and team-building days
  • Guided canyoning (kloofing trips) - these work well as corporate adventure days
  • Guided rock climbing trips
  • Guided hikes, treks and mountain walking trips, especially in the Drakensberg
  • Tailor-made hiking, climbing, abseiling or canyoning (kloofing) trips to suit your needs.
On the rescue front we offer:
  • High Angle / Rope rescue courses(
  • Aviation rescue courses (using helicopters in rescue)
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue courses
  • Canyon / kloof rescue workshops
  • Canyon / kloof rescue workshops
  • Rope rescue workshops
  • Scaffold rescue courses for construction workers
As a secondary function we offer other services such as mapping of walking trails and other property, GPS training, equipment advisory services and a mountain safety consultancy.

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