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Our guiding section:
The Mountain Guide
The people who own, manage, run and teach at the School for Mountain Leadership are mountaineers. The school was established because we want to teach others about those places we love and how to enjoy them safely. We're active climbers, hikers and kloofers who enjoy the beauty of the mountains to the full. We're also all active members of a mountain rescue team so we see both the value of good, solid skills as well as the (sometimes tragic) consequences of mistakes - something we'd like to help you avoid.

We run courses and guide groups both full-time and after hours. If you have a group that needs a full-time course or wants to do a trip (or go climbing or abseiling) then give us a shout and we'll arrange it. We'll do almost anything to help others develop their skills in mountaineering and experience the
mountains to their fullest potential.

In short, we're passionate about mountains and want you to be, too!

Our instructors and guides are:
  • MDT trained and accredited
  • NQF accredited
  • DEAT registered
  • Active mountaineers
  • Active members of a mountain rescue team
  • Most have level 5 emergency medical qualifications

    Meet Rob: the owner, chief instructor and lead-guide for SML.

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