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Kloofing / Canyoneering Rescue Workshop

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Activity   Rescue for Emergency Workers
Description  This 3-day workshop gives you as a rescuer a kick-start into the world of kloofing rescue (canyoneering rescue / canyonning rescue). We assume before we start that you:
  • Can swim
  • Have done a swift-water rescue course and kept up to date
  • Have done a rope rescue course and kept up to date
  • Are reasonably fit

    On this workshop we`ll cover: This course teaches you the differences and how to do things in a kloof:
  • The kloofing environment and its risks
  • Rescue issues w.r.t. kloofs
  • Canyoning / kloofing rescue equipment
  • Personal movement skills (scrambling, wading, jumps, swimming)
  • Rigging abseils in kloofing environments
  • Personal abseiling in kloofs
  • Rescue planning considerations
  • Tactics to apply during kloofing rescues
  • Floating your patient
  • Negotiating obstacles with a stretcher
  • Patient care considerations
  • Helicopters in kloofing rescue

    Our planned outline is as follows:
    1. Day 1: Theory of kloofing rescue
    2. Day 2: Practical skills
    3. Day 3: Kloofing rescue exercise 1
    4. Day 4: Kloofing rescue exercise 2
    5. Day 5: Wrap up and feedback
  • Type   Full time Course
    Cost  R 4,000.00 Per person

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