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Activity   Consulting and advisory services
Description  When an adventure operation has a disaster they are often deeply involved in dealing with the immediate issues, such as managing injuries, dealing with families of injured, lost or dead clients (or staff) and their own emotions of being first-hand role-players in the immediate aftermath or the disaster.

What they are often not seeing is the bigger picture.

We provide a service which assists the management of the operation by :
  • Helping you to manage the immediate aftermath of the incident, including acting as an interface to the police, advising on steps to take to assist survivors (both clients and staff) and providing direction w.r.t. media relations.
  • Advising you on how to gather evidence to reconstruct the incident and how to store this evidence for the long term so as to be able to mount the best possible defence in the event of a court challenge.
  • Assisting you with analysing the course of events and try to determine the contributing factors to the accident or incident which you are in a position to do something about.
  • Providing you with guidance on how and when to resume normal operations.

    This is an on-site service. When you call we provide you with some immediate advice and then do our best to be with you as soon as possible - within 12 hours if possible. We will sometimes stay a week or more before you feel that you are happy resuming operations without further assistance.
  • Type   Consulting
    Cost  P.O.A

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