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Personal Abseiling Skills Course

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Activity   Abseiling & Climbing
Description  Objective
The Abseiling Skills course is a personal/recreational skills training course which provides training for those who wish to learn to abseil safely without an independent belay.
There is no assessment included in this section of the course, and as such no certification will occur at these levels. A certificate of attendance will be issued.
The aim of the Abseiling Skills Course is to make a person competent at setting up a retrievable or fixed single line abseil and being able to descend the rope safely.

Prior experience
None required

This course runs for 2 days

Knowledge and skills
  • Training and accreditatin schemes within South Africa and their scope and limitations
  • The purpose, use, care and maintenance of the items of abseil equipment
  • Knots
  • Setting up an anchor system using either trees or bollards of rock, bolted anchor pointsor structural features as well as techniques for equalising the load between multiple anchor points.
  • Setting up a fixed line and retrievable abseil
  • Prusiking (ascending a rope as a form of self-rescue)
  • Abseiling and self-belay
  • Use of a fireman’s belay (disadvantages and advantages)
  • Basic problem solving
  • Essential Emergency procedures

    The course does not cover
  • The skills needed to approach and retreat from mountain crags
  • Access to any location where escape is not easily possible from the top and the bottom of the abseil site
  • Releasable abseils
  • Multiple abseils, or abseils that involve intermediate stances
  • The supervision or leadership of other abseilers
  • Industrial access situations
  • Long, complex or technical abseils
  • Any hauling systems
  • Pick-off rescues
  • Mechanical ascending devices
  • Type   Full time Course
    Cost  R 1,200.00 Per person

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