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Single Pitch Supervisor (9285)

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Activity   Abseiling & Climbing
Description  If you are in charge of groups of people who are climbing single-pitch routes under your supervision then this is the course for you. A single-pitch route is defined as a rock-climbing route of less than one rope-length (±45m) in height but more often less than half a rope-length (±22m) in height.

Ideally you should already have climbing experience. We also prefer people attending this course to already have done an Abseil Supervisor`s course as many of the skills on which we build in this course and that we assume you already have are learned in this Abseil Supervisor`s course.

This is an MDT accredited course. While it is not a SAQA accredited course it does address the requirements for SAQA 9285 in order to facilitate an RPL assessment. It does not include an MDT or a SAQA assessment, which must be done separately.

This course lasts 2 days. It can be done as a single weekend.

Availability And Numbers
This course is available part-time or full-time with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 8.

Course Content
Topics covered in this course are:

1. Access arrangements and site selection
2. Climbing terminology and communication
3. New equipment - the use, limitations and care of climbing kit (not abseil equipment)
4. Knots
5. Belaying - protecting the climber
6. Site set-up for single-pitch climbing
7. Coaching climbing techniques
8. Abseiling for climbers
8. Problem solving and basic emergency procedures

Do this NOW and make your group`s activities so much safer and more rewarding!

Type   Part time course
Cost  R 4,000.00 Per person

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