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Basic Canyoning (Kloofing)

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Activity   Canyoneering / Kloofing

Join us for a day of kloofing (canyoning/canyoneering) in the Magaliesberg. This is a great time-filler trip for people with a day to spare at the beginning or end of another trip, or as a weekend out.

The trip starts with a walk up the open slopes of the Magaliesberg - not too strenuous. We then scramble into the kloof (gorge) to commence with the more exciting part of the trip. Depending on the strength and experience of the group we can set up an abseil as soon as we enter the kloof, where you can learn to abseil (or just refresh your memory on how it works) before we proceed downstream. About 1/3 of the way down the kloof we have a compulsory abseil of about 20m. After this there`s no turning back!

The rest of the kloof involves small jumps, swims and a bum-slide into the water. Near the bottom of the kloof we scramble out into the sun to dry off before walking back to the cars. Most groups start this trip at 09h00 and are back at the cars by 16h00.

We will provide all technical equipment, which includes:
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Ropes
  • Technical climbing equipment

Please assume that whatever you don`t leave in the car with WILL get wet!
You will need:
  • A small backpack for your water, sun block and other personal items
  • Clothes to get wet in
  • Shoes that are good for walking in water and don`t fall off your feet
  • Dry clothes in the car
  • Sun hat and Sun block
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
    You are welcome to bring a wetsuit if you wish. This is a good idea in winter!
    Pricing will depend on group size and variations in itinerary, but as a guideline:
  • R 650 per person, minimum per day R 2,600.

    Minimum group-size = 4, Maximum = 12. Please give at least 1 full working day of notice - we can only get permits 08h00 to 10h00 on weekdays and we HAVE to get these in advance. We also cannot run this trip during the first weekend of the month as the land-owner does not issue permits for the first weekend.
  • Type   Full day
    Cost  R 895.00 Per person

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