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The Mountain Guide
Activity   Abseiling & Climbing
Description  If you`re taking people climbing on multi-pitch routes or want to become a rock-climbing mountain guide then this is the course for you. The course addresses the issued associated with multi-pitch climbing such as intermediate stances, multi-pitch abseils, protecting multiple seconds and rope management.

Ideally you should already have climbing experience. We also prefer people attending this course to already have done a Single Pitch Supervisor`s course as many of the skills on which we build in this course and that we assume you already have are learned in this Single Pitch Supervisor`s course.

This is an MDT accredited course. While it is not a SAQA accredited course it does address the requirements for SAQA 9285 in order to facilitate an RPL assessment. It does not include an MDT or a SAQA assessment, which must be done separately.

This course lasts 5 days. It can be done as 2 weekends if needed.

Availability And Numbers
This course is available part-time or full-time with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 6.

Course Content
Topics covered in this course are:

1. Access arrangements, climbing etiquette, site selection and guide-book interpretation
2. Climbing terminology and communication
3. Equipment - the use, limitations and care of climbing kit (not abseil equipment)
4. Knots
5. Belaying - protecting the climber
6. Intermediate stances and anchor systems
7. Single ropes, double ropes and rope management
8. Multi pitch abseils
9. Safeguarding the group descending on broken ground
11. Problem solving and basic emergency procedures
12. Self rescue and climbing-partner rescue

Type   Part time course
Cost  R 4,000.00 Per person

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