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Activity   Walking, hiking and trekking
Description  The Little Berg (or low Drakensberg) is one of the most overlooked areas you can find. Too many people look at the Drakensberg and focus only on the escarpment, neglecting the lower parts.

The Little Berg is that part of the Drakensberg which lies below the escarpment, typically up to 2,400m. It has a network of contour paths, more varied wildlife, less extreme weather and is generally less hazardous that the High Berg in many ways.
Stable Cave

Routes can be selected to suite your needs. A typical route might be something like:
  • Start at Monk`s Cowl and ascend 600m to the contour path at 2,000m. Wind your way north towards Cathedral peak, stopping to overnight at Mhlwazini River (±12 km).
  • On the second day continue north towards Cathedral Peak and then town east towards Didima. Overnight away from the caves (±12km).
  • Move south past Didima along the Mhlwazini River to Stable Cave (±14km)
  • Descend Jacob`s Ladder and cross Paardeplaat to return to Monk`s Cowl (±15km).
    Daily distances are in the vicinity of 14-18 km with a mean altitude 2000m.

    Pricing will depend on group size and variations in itinerary, but as a guideline:
  • 1 person : R 3,200 per day (Not recommended for reasons of safety)
  • 2 people : R 1,800 per person per day.
  • 3 people per day: R 1,600 per person.
  • 4+ people per day: R 1,200 per person.

    These costs include:
  • Permits
  • Food
  • Guide(s)
  • Gear hire of items such as tents, stoves and pots where needed.

    Feel free to contact us for a quote for your group.
  • Type   Standard trips
    Cost  P.O.A

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