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Activity   Industrial / Construction Site Rescue
Description  Unlike the courses run for the Fire and Emergency Services, this course is aimed at teaching rope rescue to people who will not be doing rescue as part of their every day jobs, but as an over-and-above task. The course is engineered specifically to ensure maximum retention of information. We do not teach people how to build rope rescue systems. Instead we teach them to use a ready-made and standardised rope rescue system safely and efficiently in a variety of situations. Wherever possible training is conducted on-site so that the people doing the course get to practice the skills at the place they are most likely to use them - Stretcher Lower the factory, plant or mine where they work. This course is designed for South African work conditions.

Topics covered include:
  • Equipment used for rescue in industrial rescue.
  • Selecting and using anchors.
  • Belaying in rescue.
  • Abseiling to reach an injured person.
  • Pick-off / snatch rescue of a person hanging in harness.
  • Simple patient packaging and the use of a stretcher, KED and emergency harness
  • Lowering of an injured person.
  • Hoisting of an injured person.
  • Changing from hoist to lower and vice-versa
  • Using guidelines to pass obstacles.

The course runs over 5 working days, ensuring that workers who complete the course do not only know what to do but have practised the systems repeatedly in a variety of situations, improving their ability to remember what to do even 8 or 10 months after they have completed the course.

Training is conducted at a site selected by the client. This means that only the instructor and training equipment need to be moved around and not the entire learner group. All that is required is access to an industrial-type plant with a variety of work-at-height situations that can be used for training, with no excessive noise or hazardous chemicals.

The language of instruction is english and the minimum group size is 6 learners with a maximum of 10 on any one course. We will provide all rescue equipment for the duration of the course.

As post-course support we offer a one-day refresher once a year for workers who have completed this course, helping them maintain the skills developed om the course. We can also recommend a kit list of the equipment required to ensure that a site is properly equipped to perform the rescue.

Type   Full time Course
Cost  R 40,000.00 Per group of 10

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