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Fire Search And Rescue course for individuals

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Activity   Rescue for Emergency Workers
Description  The open Enrollment Fire Search And Rescue course allows people to enroll for the course on an individual basis. Many people in EMS and related industries in South Africa are finding that they need rescue qualifications to further their careers but could not find a way of getting onto a Fire SAR course. Open Enrollment addresses this need.

This course deals with the skills required to search through a smoke-filled or buring structure in order to locate, access, stabilise and extricate people who may be trapped or injured inside the building. It is not a fire-fighting course, but rather a course intended to keep you safe on the fire-ground. This cousre is a prerequisite for:
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Structural Collapse Rescue
  • HAZMAT Rescue
This course is accredited by the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. It is a credit-bearing course that forms part of the University's B.Tech EMC as well as the newly developed South African national ETC programme currently being run at NW Province's EMRS college.

Outcome: Conduct Search And Rescue in a fire context
The learner completing this course successfully will be capable of understanding fire behaviour and will be able to participate team operations searching for and rescuing persons from smoke-filled or burning buildings.

Learners commencing this course are expected to be medically fit and not suffering from claustrophobia or any general condistion detrimental to occupational health and safety, such as cardiac problems, epilepsy, severe athsma, spinal or renal problems or a highly infectious disease.

Learners are also expected to be moderately physically fit.

Course Content
  • Fire behaviour
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Search And Rescue Duration and numbers
    The recommended duration for this course is 10 days of 10 hours per day.

    The University of Jhb restricts numbers to 10 learners per course but we prefer not to have a group-size larger than 8. The minimum is at least 6 learners per course.

    Training Location
    This course takes place in North West province, in Orkney. Learners will be required to find their own accommodation for the duration of the course. Assessment
    Learners will have to undergo an assessment of theory as well as demonstrate practical skills . All practical skills will be assessed with time limits - rescue is a time-sensitive activity. University of Johannesburg assessment is conducted by an external assessor (not the trainer).

  • As an individual the learner will have demonstrate a firemans carry, SCBA setup, testing and donning, The use of handheld extinguishers, the use of hose and nozzle and the use of ladders

    The cost of this course os R 4,500 per learner

    Costs include:
  • Use of equipment for learners for the duration of the course
  • Learner handbooks
  • Assessment costs: assessment plus one re-assessment where needed

  • Accommodation and travel for learners
  • Type   Full time Course
    Cost  R 4,500.00 Per person

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