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Tapered split-apart basket stretcher (Titanium)

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Activity   Rescue
Description  The Tapered split-apart basket stretcher is a real all-rounder. They have a tubular metal frame with dedicated lift points for the stretcher bridle. The top rail is 25mm in diameter, making grabbing and holding easier during those awkward carries. Unlike many of the traditional 'Wire Basket' stretchers, this one had a plastic mesh instead of Chicken Wire (which tends to cut patients when a strand breaks). Each stretcher comes with 4 straps for securing the patient.
Tapered Split-Apart basket stretcher
Unlike some folding or split-apart stretchers, this one allows the two halves to be separated completely which allows each half to be strapped onto the outside of a backpack for those long walk-in, carry-out rescues.

Because airflow can go straight through them they are also well-behaved underneath helicopters and although they will spin if they are loaded off-centre without a tag-line, the spin is nowhere near as hectic as a solid stokes-style stretcher.
Tapered Split-Apart basket stretcher
Add floatation and they work well for water rescue, alowing water to drain quickly and eliminating the drag associated with a solid surface in water while retaining rigidity to allow for easier patient packaging.

They work well for:
  • Rope rescue (especially cliff rescue)
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Cross-country carries (extremely well - only 7kg to carry in!)
  • Water rescues

    Their vital statistics are:
  • Length: 211 cm (2.1m)
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Depth: 18 cm
  • Nested height: 25 cm
  • Nested length: 116 cm
  • Weight: Titanium = 7.4 Kg
  • Strength: Tested to 1,134 kG with 4-point bridle

    Currently in stock: 1

  • Type   Stretchers
    Cost  R 25,000.00 Each

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